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Your Freedom and Mine

Aggiornamento: 3 ott 2018

Il libro di Federico Venturini

Evento facebook della presentazione del libro a Udine

New book on the Kurdish movement

Federico Venturini, an Italian friend of the Institute and recent PhD recipient from the University of Leeds in the UK, has co-edited a new collection, Your Freedom and Mine: Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdoğan’s Turkey, now available from Black Rose Books.  The book, co-edited with Thomas Jeffrey Miley, a sociology lecturer at the University of Cambridge, chronicles a pair of 2016-17 International Peace Delegations to the Kurdish regions, supplemented with extensive historical and contemporary background materials by 25 international authors.

Here’s the text of Federico’s preface to the book:

Your Freedom and Mine began with the idea of shining a brighter light on the work of the EUTCC International İmrali Peace Delegations. Given the complexity of the situation, we soon realized that much more needed to be said, with the result that the book expanded rapidly beyond its original scope. Although it wasn’t possible to include all of the original material in the final version of the book, we believe that we have managed to outline the Kurdish question, deepen the debate, and provide some answers on the battles still to be fought.

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